SNF Holding Company Operator Hiring Process

SNF Chemtall and Georgia Work Ready have partnered together to create a high-performance work environment where applicants may achieve skill level certification and use it to prove they have the skills to do the job. The certificate shows job applicants have the portable skills such as reasoning, reading, and basic mathematics- to serve as a foundation for training. It also tells employers that they are ready, willing and able to work and learn.

Operator Hiring Process

  1. Interested candidates can log onto to schedule the Georgia Work Ready Test or Work Keys Skills Assessment. To register for SNF Holding Company, please complete the "Company Specific Work Ready" form (the yellow registration box) and indicate "SNF Holding Company" or "Chemtall" in the "Referring Company" field.
  2. Once candidate successfully passes the Work Ready test they may apply for the Chemical Plant Operator position on the SNF Employment website:
  3. Candidate applies for the Chemical Plant Operator position by uploading a recent resume and cover letter to the employment site. Immediately following the upload a 38 question work related test will be administered.
  4. Candidates will be scored and the top scoring candidates will be asked to complete the SNF Application for Employment.
  5. Applications are reviewed and those candidates that meet qualifications are scheduled for a phone interview with a company Recruiter.
  6. Selected candidates are invited to interview with a specific Plant Supervisor.
  7. If candidate is selected they are made a contingent job offer by the company Recruiter.
  8. Pre-Employment Physical, Nationwide Background Check, Driver’s License Verification, last completed Education Verification and Driving History Check are conducted.
  9. Selected candidate is notified of results and given a tentative start date.